Welcome to My Perfect Parent!

Thank you for visiting my new blog!  I want to briefly tell you about why I started this blog and my visions for it.

For as long as I can remember I have advocated against the use of spanking/corporal punishment as a way to raise children.  I didn’t like it when I was a child and it was administered to me.  The feelings that I got for the administering parent were feelings that I never wanted my own children to feel about me.  I promised myself as a young girl that I would not hit my children if I ever had any.  Today, my two beautiful daughters are grown and mothers themselves.  I raised two respectful, well-behaved children who grew into kind, loving, respectful, productive members of society without using corporal punishment.  And, you can too!

As a child I only knew that spanking (or whipping as it was called in my house) hurt, it was mostly unjustified and I loathed the parent who administered it for a period of time afterwards.  As I grew into adulthood, I began to strongly sense that a lot of the violence in the world can be attributed to the use of corporal punishment in the home and schools.  My vision for this blog is to help educate parents on the detrimental effects of spanking as well as give them good, solid tools and methods to guide their child into adulthood, lovingly and without violence.

Corporal punishment, or spanking is a very controversial subject that can often get emotionally charged.  Parents who spank defend their actions vehemently and statistics from 2016 show that a whopping 90% of parents of minor children use this method at least occasionally.  I am aware that my views on this subject are not the most popular ones.  Despite that, I challenge you to take this ride with me, implement my strategies and notice the marked improvement in your child’s attitude and behavior as you learn new tools for teaching and disciplining.

There is no such thing as a perfect parent.  We all make mistakes.  However, I believe that by eliminating spanking from your “go to” methods, by adulthood your child will be saying you are “my perfect parent”.




    • No one is a perfect parent Jean! I certainly was not either. Not too long ago my oldest told me that although I may not have been a perfect parent, I was the perfect parent for her. The purpose of this blog is for all children to say that about their parents after they are grown.


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